SCENE: Granny's Diner. Mother Superior, Marco, Granny, Ruby, David, Emma, Archie, Pongo, and Mary-Margaret are seen sitting around the table.

Emma: I called you all here because I need your help.

Marco: What is it?

Emma: I wanna run for sheriff but I'm going to need a campaign team.

Mother Superior: We'd be delighted to help.

Ruby: I can make the posters.

Granny: We can have a fundraiser here to help pay for all of the fees.

Emma: This is great but I need a lot of voters since I'm going up against Sidney.

Mary-Margaret: Regina is making Sidney run?

Emma: Yeah because I'm running.

David: Of course.

(Suddenly Miss Ginger walks in with a "Vote for Sidney" pin on her shirt. Emma gets up.)

Emma: Where did you get that from? (She looks at the pin)

Miss Ginger: Regina and Sidney are giving them away outside (She points outside.)

Emma: (She looks at her team.) We need to start!

SCENE: Storybrooke Hospital. Mr. Gold enters the Mental Ward and goes up to the Severe Nurse's desk.

Severe Nurse: How may I help you?

Mr. Gold: I'm here to see Belle.

Severe Nurse: You are?

Mr. Gold: Yes.

Severe Nurse: (She gets up with a smile) Follow me.

They walk into a room and she turns the light on.

Severe Nurse: If you'll have a seat I'll be with you in a minute. (She leaves the room.)

She walks to the phone and dials Regina. She begins to talk.

Severe Nurse': There's a man here to see Belle.

Regina: There is? Take care of him until I get there.

Severe Nurse: (She looks at a cabinet labeled tranquillizer and smiles.) Will do. (She gets the tranquilizzer gun and puts it in her pocket.)

The Severe Nurse enters the room.

Severe Nurse: Sorry for the wait. So you know the patient.

Mr. Gold: Yes, we are very close. I'm actually here to see if I can take her home with me.

Severe Nurse: You are? (She turns to him.) I don't think that will be happening.

Mr. Gold: How about you take this bag of gold and see if you can make an exceptional.

Severe Nurse: I will not be bribed!

Mr. Gold: I guess we will have to do this the hard way then.

Severe Nurse: (She pulls out the tranqwillizer gun) I guess we are. (She shoots him in the neck and he falls into the chair.)