SCENE: Forbidden Fortress. Maleficent is seen sitting with her unicorn.

(The Blue Fairy and Fairy Godmother appear.)

Maleficent: What do you two want?

Blue Fairy: The Evil Queen is planning on in-acting a terrible curse.

Maleficent: What curse?

Fairy Godmother: The one you have...the dark curse.

Maleficent: I traded for this curse and she can't have it back.

Blue Fairy: Well we just wanna make sure and take the curse off your hands.

Maleficent: I'm good.

Blue Fairy: We insist.

Maleficent: You can have the curse over my dead body. She won't get it from me.

Fairy Godmother: You don't know that!

Maleficent: (She stands up) Leave me

Blue Fairy: We will....we just need that curse.

Maleficent: (She points her staff at them both a shoots. They both dodge the ball of magic. The Fairy Godmother blasts magic at Maleficent. Maleficent flies to the other side and dodge it. The Blue Fairy shoots at Maleficent's Unicorn. Maleficent flies and takes the hit. She hits the wall and falls on the ground. Maleficent gets up and shoots at The Blue Fairy who flies into the wall and falls on the ground. Maleficent then shoots the Fairy Godmother who then hits the wall and flies into the floor. They then get up and fly out.)