SCENE: The Dark Castle. The Evil Queen is talking to her magic mirror.

Evil Queen: In order for me to in-act this curse I need a lock of hair from those with the darkest souls, the heart of the thing loved most, and a drop of true love. I already have the drop of true love so I just need the heart of someone I love the most and some hair from the darkest of souls.

Magic Mirror: Go to the enchanted forest and you'll find plenty of dark souls.

Evil Queen: I already have my carriage on the way (She smirks)

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. The Evil Queen's carriage arrives at a village of Ogres.

Evil Queen: (She walks up to the Ogre guarding the gate) Bring me the ogre with the darkest soul here.

Ogre Guard: As you wish (He go's in and after a brief while he brings back another ogre) Here you are.

Evil Queen: (She smiles) Follow me

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. The Evil Queen's carriage arrives at Lake Nostos.

Evil Queen: (She puts her hand in the water and waves it around. After a while a siren appears emerging from the water.) I need some of the darkest souls around and your perfect for the job.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. The Evil Queen's carriage arrives at a house of candy.

Evil Queen: (She knocks on the door. After a brief while a blind witch opens the door.)

Blind Witch: Can I help you?

Evil Queen: Indeed you can. I need you and your villainous acts.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. The Evil Queen is seen with the ogre, siren, raven, some black knights, and the witch.

Evil Queen: (She lifts her mini-mirror and smiles) I've gathered the darkest souls. (Her and the magic mirror laugh.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Granny's Diner. Emma is sitting with Henry.

Henry: (Pointing to Ruby) She's Little Red Riding Hood. (Points to Granny) That's her grandma.

Emma: Well that explains why they are related I guess.

Regina: (Comes in the diner.) Henry it's time to go.

Henry: But mom-- (He's cut off)

Regina: No buts it's time for you to go to school.

Emma: I was going to take him.

Regina: No need I can take him (She leaves with Henry.)

Ruby: (Goes up to Emma) Here's your coffee.

Emma: Thanks. Is she always like that.

Ruby: Yeah, most of the time she's worse though.

Granny: Ruby!

Ruby: (To Granny) I'm coming! (To Emma) See you later.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Regina's office. She's talking to Sidney.

Regina: She's trying to take him away from me. I just know it.

Sidney: Are you sure?

Regina: Well she's always been with him and she's trying to do everything that I do for him.

Sidney: Then why don't you get rid of her.

Regina: That's it! I'll call a few of my friends, if you'll excuse me. (Sidney walks out and Regina picks up the phone.)

SCENE: Fairy Tale Land, Clouds. The Blue Fairy is standing and suddenly the Fairy Godmother appears.

Blue Fairy: I'm glad you could make it. I need to discuss something with you.

Fairy Godmother: What is it?

Blue Fairy: It's the Evil Queen. She's planning on in-acting a curse that will take everyone here to a whole new land and we won't remember who we are.

Fairy Godmother: What can we do?

Blue Fairy: That's why I called you...

Fairy Godmother: Well does she have the curse at the moment.

Blue Fairy: No, last time I heard the evil witch Maleficent has it.

Fairy Godmother: Well then let's go see if we can get it from her.

(They fly out.)

SCENE: Storybrooke Library. Regina is sitting at a table with a burly man, a woman, and old woman. (The counterparts of the ogre, siren, and blind witch). Mother Superior and a friend are looking for a book and overhear the coversation.

Regina: I brought you all here today because I need to get rid of someone.

Burly Man: Who?

Regina: Emma Swan, Henry's biological mother. I need some ideas on how to get rid of her.

Miss Ginger: Isn't that a little harsh?

Regina: No she's try to take my son from me.

Miss Ginger: But isn't it her son also.

Regina: Who's side are you on, Miss Ginger?

Miss Ginger: Your side

Regina: Then start acting like it. I don't want her taking my son from me.

Siren (Storybrooke): Why don't you poison her?

Regina: That's a great idea!

(Suddenly Mother Superior and her friend go up to the table.)

Mother Superior: Regina why in the world are you thinking about poisoning your son's mother that he loves.

Regina: (She's offended) He doesn't love her.

Mother Superior: Have you seen the way he acts around her. He acts happy. He doesn't act like that way around you.

Regina: He does act happy with me!

Mother Superior: I won't stand here and argue with you all day. All I have to say is don't try to pull something on Mrs. Swan or else--(She's cut off.)

Regina: Or else what?

Fairy Godmother (Storybrooke): Let's just go.. (Her and Mother Superior leave while Regina sits stunned at what just happened.)

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. The Raven turns into a human. The Queen is talking to her team of dark souls.

Evil Queen: I called you all here because I will soon be in-acting a curse and I needed the darkest of souls. The curse will take us to far away land and we won't remember who we are.

Blind Witch: Will we be happy?

Evil Queen: Yes indeed. I just wanted to gather you all here to meet before the actual ceremony in a few days. I will be going to get the curse soon. I'll see you all then.

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