"I'm nothing special; I just own a pig. It's the pig she wants."


Taran is a resident of The Enchanted Forest and the counter part of Tara Green.

Taran appears in the Fanfiction For The First Time in Forever.


Taran is a poor farm girl from a country named Llyr.  Her family owns one small sow named Hen Wen, who is supposed to be a magical pig. Taran thinks this is insanity. 

One day, her parents send her away with Hen Wen, claiming that someone evil is after the pig.  She is instructed to go to Snow White's castle and give Snow White Hen Wen in exchange for protection from The Ice Queen.Taran begins her journey into the Forest, absolutely unaware of the impending dangers that lurk in the trees.

Taran is sulking at dusk and doesn't realize where she is when she's attacked by The Ice Queen.

She thinks all hope is lost when she's rescued by a Stranger

The stranger says his name is Wart. Wart agrees to escort Taran on her journey to Snow White's castle.

As they pass through a small village, Taran asks to stop and rest, but Wart refuses.Taran Remains quiet for awhile until dawn, when she remarks about her lack of sleep. Wart says nothing 

It isn't until they reach a village outside Snow White's kingdom when she finds out why he's so secretive.

He's a prince. Taran is shocked and angry at the deception, vowing to make the rest of the journey by herself. Taran gets lost and ends up by Regina's castle. The Ice Queen casts a freezing curse on the Enchanted Forest and Regina sends everyone to Storybrooke.

Saoirse Ronan images


Taran has dark blonde hair,blue eyes,she's tall,average weight and strong. She is very pale. Taran is portrayed by Saoirse Ronan.


Taran is very brave,loyal and honest. She's kind, strong and willing to lend a helping hand where she's needed. She really loves animals.

Especiall Hen Wen.