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"I may be the Sugar Plum Princess,but I can be anything but sweet."

Princess Marie, or The Sugar Plum Princess is a an OC for ABC's Once Upon a Time.

Her Storybrooke counterpart is Clara Drosselmeyer.

Sugar Plum Princess, also known as Princess Marie
Some attributes
First Counterpart:Clara Drosselmeyer

Age: 21


Home: Enchanted Forest

Afilliation: Hero


Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour:Blue

Second Relatives:Mother(deceased)



Aunt Elizabeth

Current Allies: Evil Queen

Turtle Heart

Neal Cassidy

Current Enemies: Wicked Witch of the West

Flying Monkeys

Third Portrayed by: Ella Yelich-O'Connor
Other attributes

History,Pre-Curse[edit | edit source]

Princess Marie grew up with her stern grandfather. On Christmas Eve, they receive a surprise visit from their Aunt Elizabeth, who comes with gifts for her niece.Marie receives a Nutcracker that Aunt Elizabeth tells her contains the heart of a prince. Marie places the nutcracker on the mantle, but a few nights later it is mysteriously knocked over, breaking the arm. Marie fixes the Nutcracker and falls asleep near the Christmas tree. She awakens to see her Nutcracker suddenly alive and fighting the Mouse King and his mouse army. When Marie tries to help, the Mouse King shrinks her down to his size, though he is still unable to defeat them and temporarily retreats. The Nutcracker explains that he needs to find the Sugarplum Princess who is the only person who can stop the Mouse King from taking over his kingdom.The two journey into the Land of Parthenia in the Gingerbread Village, where the children tells them that the rightful heir to the throne, King Eric, has died.The king  pronounced the Mouse as acting king before his death until the Sugar Plum Princess accepted her responsibilities. The Mouse decided he wanted to be king for good and put a spell on the kingdom.Marie and the Nutcracker are joined by Major Mint and Captain Candy. They cross the Sea of Storms  and arrive at the Sugarplum Princess' Island. Marie is separated from the group, who are all captured by the Mouse King's bats, and she ventures alone to the Mouse King's palace to free her friends. After being rescued, the Nutcracker fights a final battle with the Mouse King, during which the Mouse King is hit with his own spell resulting in his scepter to disintegrate and shrunk into the size of a real mouse. He flees into the sewers. Marie realizes she is the Sugar Plum Princess and this is her kingdom. She reveals her powers and takes her throne. The curse eventually engulfed her kingdom and Marie was assumed to have perished.    ==After the Undone Curse== Marie regains her kingdom and she remains uninvolved with the Neverland business.

During New Curse[edit | edit source]

Marie intervenes with the new curse after The Wicked Witch of the West attacks her. Marie travels to Regina's palace, only to be driven out by The Wicked Witch.

She goes to Belle's castle and confronts her, asking if she knew of the Wicked Witch attacking anyone else. She joins the heroes and eventually meets Turtle Heart, a Quadling from Oz. 

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