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"I took my destiny into my own hands. I'm not a damsel in distress, thank you. I can rescue myself."

Princess Eilonwy, or Eilonwy is a princess from the Enchanted Forest.Her castle was attacked a few years before the series by The Great Horned King and she escaped the terror. She met Robin Hood and she learned to fight with a sword, eventually becoming the independent, selfless and conniving young woman she is.

She is the Enchanted Forest Counterpart of Alaina Braddix.

She appears in Baby Cade's story Princes and Thieves.


Princess Eilonwy
Some attributes
First Counterpart: Alaina Braddix

Status: Alive

Home: Braddix Book Store(Upper Apt.)

Affiliation: Hero

Occupation: Owner of Braddix Book Store

Second Species: Human


Hair Colour: Hazelnut Brown

Eye Colour: Grey

Third Family: Unknown

Allies:Robin Hood

Merry Men

Current Enemies: The Great Horned King

Other attributes
Fourth Portrayed by: Maisie Williams
Fifth Story: Princes and Thieves


3 Years before the first curse was cast, Eilonwy lived with her parents in their castle. One night, the castle is attacked by The Great Horned King and Eilonwy barely escapes. She runs into the forest and comes across the Merry Men. She gives her story and is provided with shelter and protection on the condition that she cut her hair and pass as a boy.She is taught how to use a sword and a bow. 3 years later, when she believes she's ready to face the Great Horned King, Regina casts the spell.

During The CurseEdit

A third curse is cast by The Great Horned King, this time, leaving everyone with their memories but all of their magic possessions are missing. 

Eilonwy appears in Storybrooke as Alaina, who inherited a bookstore from her deceased parents.

In Storybrooke, she must find a way to defeat the Great Horned King, as it is revealed magic is unaffective towards him. This is the result of a special amulet.