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"I'm weak. Big and weak."

Porter James is the Storybrooke counterpart of Turtle Heart.

Porter James
Some attributes
First Counterpart: Turtle Heart


Second Current Allies:Emma Swan

Regina Mills

Clara Drosselmeyer

Third Current Enemies: Zelena

Flying Monkeys

Other attributes
Fourth Relationships: Clara Drosselmeyer(Love interest,girlfriend)

During the Curse[edit | edit source]

Porter is absurdly tall, standing at 6'7. His life is even worse, as he's a ballet dancer to boot. The other dancers often tease him about his height, until Clara stands up for him. They form a small friendship.

New Curse[edit | edit source]

Porter is still dancing and he's still absurdly tall.

He and Clara are reunited in a dress rehersal for some musical.

Clara admits to being romantically interested in him just before Zelena kidnaps him. Zelena takes him to her house and leaves him there for a few days. Clara comes to his rescue and Clara is still shy.

He kisses her and they are currently in a relationship.

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