Mowgli (Live Action)
Some attributes
First Species: Human

Status: Alive

Age: 20s

Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Mowgli was the wild man leader of of the rebel animals, who opposed the rulership of King Louie in the Forest of Oblivion.  In actuality, he was being controlled by Kaa.


Mowgli was a tall young man, with messy dark hair.  He had tanned skin, and large brown eyes, that shimmered gold and blue.  He generally wore only an orange loincloth.


Mowgli was cunning, and resourceful.  He relied more on his own experience, and his quick thinking to obtain his goals.  He had a biter hatred for the apes of the forest, with drove all his actions.  Much of these feelings were influenced, or enhanced by Kaa, though.  His experience in the jungle lead Mowgli to believe in survial of the fittest.  He had no tolerance for weakness, and believed those who had it, should be left behind.


Having been raised in the jungle all his life, Mowgli was strong physically, capable of overpowering another man with realtive ease.  He was also fast on his feet, and agile.  However, he relied chiefly on his intelligence, and his skill in his quick thinking.


Mowgli's parents were killed by Shere Khan when Mowgli was very young.  However, he was found by a pack of wolves, who raised him, until Louie began his reign of tyranny.  The wolves sent Mowgli away to a human settlement so he could be safe.  But Mowgli encountered Kaa, who attempted to eat him, only to be saved by a group of hunters.  However, Kaa had succeeded in establishing a foothold in Mowgli's mind, putting the boy under his control.

When Mowgli was a young man, he heard word of the humans who were being killed by Louie.  Mowgli then returned to the jungle, and found his old wolf pack.  He then joined with them, to help liberate the forest from Louie's control.  However, in reality, Kaa had invoked the hypnosis implanted in the man's mind, and was using him to bring more potential sources of food.

For the next few years, Mowgli lead his army against Louie, until he met Snow White in the forest.