Some attributes
First Species: Orangutan

Status: Deceased

Age: Unknown

Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
King Louie, was an orangutan, who lived in the Forest of Oblivion, ruling as the basic king of the forests. He was actually under the control of the snake Kaa, and was later killed by him.


Louie was a large orangutan, with broad features, and thick hair.  His eyes were naturally brown, but they rippled gold and blue, signifying Kaa's control over him.


Outwardly, Louie appeared as a ruthless killer, slaughtering anyone who he believed tresspassed into his forest.  These actions gave him the reputation as a monster, and few dared cross him.  Members of his army who disappointed him were described as having disappeared (they were actually fed to Kaa).

In reality, much of Louie's behavior is due to manipulation by Kaa.  Originally a curious, but benevolent king, Louie was content to live in otherwise isolation.  He had a great fascination with humans, and desired to learn as much as he could about them.  After being ensared by Kaa's hypnosis, however, Louie became a slave to his will.


  • Intelligence: Louie was remarkably intelligent, capable of forming, and executing complicated strategies as he saw fit.  He was also capable of maintaing his own army of sorts, formed out of animals in the forest, including monkeys.
  • Strength: As a fully grown orangutan, Louie was very strong.  He was capable of overpowering a fully grown man without visible effort.


A long time, nominal ruler of the animals of the forest, Louie ruled with an even hand, and would often give travelers safe passage through his domain.  However, when Kaa came, Louie soon found himself trapped in Kaa's mind control.  The king became a slave to the serpent, without even realizing it.  Believing his actions were of his own free will, Louie did Kaa's bidding, becoming a tyrant of the forest.

Louie's actions help insight rebellion across the forest amongst the animals, lead by the wild man, Mowgli, who was also in Kaa's control.