Jack Skellington
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Some attributes
First Species:Undead/Human formerly

Status: Undead

Age: Immortal

Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Jack Skellington is an undead being of pure fear, and the de-facto ruler of Halloween Town.  He wanders the realms, scaring and intimidating people as his see's appropriate.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jack is, as his name implies, a skeleton, with absolutley no flesh at all.  His bones are bleach white, and his face is in a permament grin.  His eye sockets are generally empty and bleak, but when he gets angry, they glow red.  Jack wears a black suit, with a bow tie designed to resemble a bat.  He often carries a black cane with a skull head.

Personality[edit | edit source]

By nature, Jack is a trickster.  For his own amusement, he teases and haunts people as he wants, surprising and scaring them.  However, Jack is by no means a sadist, and is a pacifist in truth.  He abhors all forms of violence, and avoids hurting people whenever he can.  He also never haunts a person to the point of potentially harming them, and his tricks never have any malevolence behind them.

That said, Jack does have a dark side.  While he does not torture people, if he believes someone deserves it, then he will haunt them endlessly, driving them insane as punishment.  Jack has a strict sense of morals, that he never deviates from.  These morals drive many of his actions.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Immortality: Since Jack is already dead, he cannot be killed or harmed.  To this extent, he is able to even split apart his body as he desires.
  • Traveling: Jack is able to travel freely between realms, mostly through magic trees.
  • Telepathy: In order to properly frighten people, Jack reads other's minds, learning their fears and details about them.
  • Illusions: Jack is able to project illusions.  Generally, he conjured up the fears of his targets.

History[edit | edit source]

Jack's life prior to his death is somewhat enigmatic.  Nothing is known about how he lived or died, and even Jack himself comments that he doesn't know, or care.  Regardless, after his death, he later went on to become the ruler of Halloween Town in all but name.  He then went out to explore, and see the world, and what was beyond it.  Eventually, Jack came to realize his power, but deicded to use it tease and scare his foes.  Likewise, he would punish those who he thought deserved it.

At some point, Jack met many people, including Gepetto and his family, befriend them.  Upon learning what happened to Gepetto's parents, Jack was enraged, sought out Jiminy Cricket, but upon meeting him, changed his mind.  Instead, Jack sought out Jiminy's parents, deciding they had to be punished.  Once finding them, Jack haunted and tormented them without rest, until finally, they were driven mad.

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