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The Bald Mountain during sunset.

The Bald Mountain, is a massive mountain in the Enchanted Forest.  It is also known as the "Mountain of Malice", because it is the prison in which Yen Sid sealed the dark god, Chernabog.


Bald Mountain is a mountain otherwise independent of any other mountain range.  It has a sharp peak, which is in fact the folded up wings of Chernabog.  During Walpurgis Night, Chernabog unfolds his wings, and reveals himself, after which he appears as being the size of the peak itself, with his upper body being revelad.


Chernabog 's body trapped within the Mountain

Within the mountain, is a massive cavern, where the body of Chernabog can be found.  There is also a golden sphere, which houses the spirit of Chernabog.  During Walpurgis night, Chernabog being emerges from the sphere, and reenters the body.

Shadow VillageEdit

At the base of Bald Mountain, is a large village.  It was founded by one of Yen Sid's apprentice, for the purpose of keeping a watchful eye over the Mountain, and hence forth, Chernabog.  Unfortunately, the dark essence of Chernabog leaked over the village, poisoning the land, and corrupting the people.  This evil presence drew forth evil souls to the village, further corrupting the village, and its residents.

The Shadow Village, which exists in the shadow of Bald Mountain.

Walpurgis NightEdit

Yen Sid sacrificed his life to trap Chernabog within Bald Mountain, using his own life force to create chains of pure light.  This kept Chernabog in his prison, but the sealing was not perfect, since Yen Sid was old, and weakened from an extended battle with the demon.  As a result, once a year, on one night, the anniversary of his imprisonment, Chernabog's chains falter.  This allows Chernabog to partially free himself from the Mountain.  

During his brief period of freedom, Chernabog spread his shadow across the land surrounding the mountain.  He raises the evil souls that died in the village below, and draws them into Bald Mountain, and captures them.  There, Chernabog keeps them, along with demons of his own creation.